2003-07-18 Error In Line #3 Party report on MyAtari.net

Issue 33 of the popular Atari-focused web magazine MyAtari.net features a party report about the Error In Line #3 including a lot of photos.
EIL3 article at MyAtari.net: http://www.myatari.net/issues/jul2003/eil3.htm

2003-04-01 Error In Line joins NoCrew-party

The well known swedish group NoCrew surprisingly announced a very big Atari party held in sweden. The Error In Line team decided to stongly support this event!

See you all in sweden!
DHS news site: http://www.dhs.nu

2003-03-19 New Sponsor!

Didier Méquignon is the author of one of the most impressive programs on Atari: Aniplayer - a media player that is capable of playing all kinds of video and audio data such as Ogg Vorbis and DivX! He is also actively involved in the CT60 project. Didier sponsors two full versions of Aniplayer as prices for our competitions. Thank you a lot!
Aniplayer website: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/didierm/

2003-03-18 New Sponsor!

We are very proud and happy to announce a sponsorship from the "other side of the world"! Mario Becroft from New Zealand will support us again by supplying a VGA Adaptor for the ST as a competition price. This adaptor enables the use of a plain VGA monitor to display the ST-High resolution. Thank you Mario!

Mario Becroft: http://gem.win.co.nz/mb/

2003-03-09 New Sponsor!

Thomas Binder donates two keys for his alternative GEM desktop 'Thing' as competition prices. Find out more about this software by clicking on the 'Thing' banner or on the link below:

Thomas Binder: http://homepages.tu-darmstadt.de/~gryf/software/

2003-03-07 New Sponsor!

Gerald Dietze is the author of the bank account manager application "Account Manager" for Atari. He will sponsor a full version of his program as price for one of our competitions. Thanks Gerald!

Gerald Dietze: http://gerald-dietze.de/dsi.html

2003-02-25 New Sponsor!

Reservoir Gods is the leading games producer on the Atari platform. They created an incredible amount of high quality games and are still alive and kicking! Reservoir Gods in cooperation with Electronic Arts will support the EIL#3 by providing a selection of current game titles for the PS2 platform as competition prices! Big thanks to Leon and the other chaps of Reservoir Gods!

Reservoir Gods: http://www.reservoir-gods.com

Electronic Arts: http://www.ea.com/home/home.jsp

2003-02-25 New Sponsor!

The man behind the german company EH-Systems is nobody else than the Atari-hardware-developer Elmar Hilgart. He will support EIL again with some great pieces of his products: a complete ROM-port ethernet kit, a 8-port ethernet switch and a RTL8139 network card. A lot of thanks to Elmar for his great sponsorship!

EH-Systems: http://www.eh-systems.de

2003-02-25 New Sponsor!

Joakim Högberg aka Gokmase and network specialist Dan Ackerman provide us a full version of their program AtarICQ - a ICQ client for the Atari platform. Thank you!

AtarICQ website: http://www.ataricq.org

2003-02-25 New Sponsor!

Europe Shareware is a union to support freeware and shareware products. Furthermore they distribute commercial Atari-software, such as MagiC. For the EIL#3, Europe Shareware will provide one full version of the MagiC operation system as competition price. Thanks for being our sponsor for the second time!

Europe Shareware: http://www.europe-shareware.org

2003-02-25 New Sponsor!

Ulrich Gössel is the father of the xTOS and ATSF projects. The Atari Software Foundation is a initiative to help the software-side of the Atari market by financially supporting Atari software developers. Ulrich Gössel will provide a one-year ATSF membership as competition price.

xTOS and ATSF website: http://www.xtos.de

2003-02-16 New Sponsor!

Lyndon Amsdon aka Stimpy is one of the persons behind the EtherNEC project - an Ethernet adaptor for all 16/32bit Atari computers. We are very glad that he will support the Error In Line #3 by sponsoring one complete EtherNEC adaptor as a competition price. Thank you Lyndon!

Website of Lyndon Amsdon: http://hardware.atari.org

2003-02-01 New Sponsor!

WRS Software-Design will support us again! Like two years ago, they will donate a Gabi GAL burner interface for the Atari as competition price. You can find more about GABI at the GABI website. Thanks a lot to WRS Software Design!

WRS-Online: http://www.wrsonline.de

2003-01-26 The first registrations are coming in

From day to day the Error In Line #3 comes closer. In the meanwhile the first registrations are coming in. You can get an overview about the registered people at the About section of our website now. As you can see the list of the expected people is far from being complete. If you are interested in coming over to the EIL3 please contact us as early as possible. This will enable you to arrange your travel together with other people from your living area.

2003-01-20 New Sponsor!

McLaser/.tSCc. aka LotekStyle will provide a complete set of all Fading Twilight volumes as competition price! Fading Twilight is the ultimate collection of Atari music. Thanks a lot to LotekStyle for this great price!

LotekStyle website: http://www.lotekstyle.de

.tSCc. website: http://tscc.atari.org

2003-01-19 ASCII-art competition announcement

Due to the interest of various people in an ASCII-art competition we added this competition to our invitation section. The only rule is the maximum size of the ASCII-gfx of 79x24 characters. It would be very nice if the topic of the ASCII-art contributions relates to the Error In Line .-)

We will use a standard text editor (most probably Qed) on an Atari to present the competition entries - so you might be able to use even the Atari specific characters.

The price for this competition will be provided by Grey/MSB! Guess what it will be - nobody knows except him, hehe

2003-01-05 New Sponsor!

Matthias Jaap - author of varius applications and games for the atari platform - will support us by providing two full versions of his HomepagePenguin sofware and three Atari-SDK CDs. Thanks a lot to Matthias!

Website of Matthias Jaap: http://www.mypenguin.de/prg

2003-01-05 New Sponsor!

Prof. Herbert Walz will donate one full version of his notation and midi software 'Musicedit' as price for one of our competitions! A lot of thanks to Prof. Herbert Walz for his freehanded support!

Musicedit website: http://www.musicedit.de

2003-01-04 Happy new year!

The Error In Line team wishes all friends of alternative computer systems a great new and productive year 2003! We hope to see you all in Dresden soon. .-)

2002-12-21 Atari Gaming Competition at the Error In Line #3

MadButscher/F2 annouced a gaming competition to be held on the Error In Line #3. The will also sponsor the price of this competition. More details and rules will be announced later. Thanks to MadButscher!

2002-12-21 New Sponsor!

The famous Atari printmagazine and maintainers of the best german Atari-news service will support us by donating different issues of the ST-Computer magazine to interested readers at the Error In Line #3. Additionally, they will sponsor a software package as prices for our competitions! A lot of thanks to the people at ST-Computer for their strong support!

ST-Computer website: http://www.st-computer.net

2002-12-15 New Sponsor!

The famous Atari-software developer Richard Gordon Faika will donate some of his great products as prices for our competitions. Thanks to Richard for his great support!

You can find out more about his software on his website:
RGF Software: http://www.rgfsoft.com

2002-11-16 New Sponsor!

The Thalion Source supports our convention by supplying 10 CDs of "Jochen Hippel Remixed" by Mike Weling as competition prices. They feature remixed versions of Mad Max's legendary game tracks. Thanks a lot to Gerald M.-B. for his support!

The Thalion Source: http://home.wtal.de/gmb

2002-11-16 New Sponsor!

The biggest Atari resource on the internet is not only supporting us with free web hosting but will also sponsor the Error In Line #3 by providing two Atari-tshirts as prices for our competitions! Many thanks to our friends at atari.org!

Atari.org: http://www.atari.org

2002-10-10 Lauch of the Error In Line #3 website

The website of the Error In Line #3 convention is online now. Here you will find all official information about the third edition of the Error In Line coding convention.

Its sections are:

  • 'About': general information about the Error In Line parties and this website
  • 'News': news about the event
  • 'Invitation': official invitation to the convention
  • 'Download': files, that are in any way related to the Error In Line #3
  • 'Links': interesting Error In Line related websites
  • 'Bulletin': a message board to exchange traveling information or just to have a talk
  • 'Contact': contact the Error In Line #3 organizers

2002-10-06 Error In Line #3 invitation intro

Dead Hackers Society released an invitation intro for the Error In Line #3 convention. The invitation intro runs on ST/STE/Falcon/TT computers.

Thanks a lot to DHS for creating this cool intro for us!
download the intro: http://eil.atari.org/files/invitation/eil3inv.zip

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