Previous Parties

Here you can find information about past events:

Error In Line '99 http://rcswww.urz.tu-dresden.de/~js712688/index2.htm

The first edition of the Error In Line conventions held in 1999.

Error In Line #2 http://eil2.atari.org

The previous Error In Line party that took place in 2001.

Demo Groups

Websites of demo groups that attended to the Error In Line parties and that are expected to come to the Error In Line #3:

Escape Homepage http://escape.atari.org

The website of the Atari-Falcon demogroup 'Escape', who is organizing the Error In Line #3.

Checkpoint Homepage http://checkpoint.atari.org

The website of the Atari demogroup 'Checkpoint', 505/Checkpoint is involved in the organizing of the Error In Line #3.

Dead Hackers Society http://www.dhs.nu

The most active swedish demo crew. They are always supporting the Error In Line parties in a great way!

Nature http://nature.atari.org

Swedish Atari demo group. At present they are developing a graphics card for the CT60 Falcon accelerator.

NOcrew http://www.nocrew.org

Legendary swedish demo group. They are also involved in a lot of Linux developments.

YesCREW http://yescrew.real-atarian.net

Slovenian demo group. They are developing the Groumpf sound tracker and a lot of other software.

Wildfire http://wildfire.atari.org

Swedish big-pizza eating demo group.

Spice Boys http://spiceboys.atari.org

Swedish fake demo group.

Reservoir Göds http://www.reservoir-gods.com

British demo group that is mainly developing games for the Atari platform.

Paranoia http://paranoia.atari.org

Although this crew is a multi platform demo crew its main coder is focused in the Atari platform.

Sector One http://sectorone.atari.org

Legendary french demo group. They are not only developing demos but also great tools such as CDlab and FalcAmp.

Alive http://alive.atari.org

English diskmag covering topics around the Atari scene.

Loud http://stsurvivor.atari.org

French demo group.

TSCC http://tscc.atari.org

Biggest german Atari demo crew.

Cream http://cream.atari.org

German Atari demo group focused on the Atari ST.

F.U.N. http://fun.atari.org

Atari Falcon demo group from the Netherlands.

Lazer http://stud1.tuwien.ac.at/~e9327376/harald.htm

Falcon demo group from Austria. Sadly, they are not active on Atari anymore.

New Beat http://newbeat.atari.org

Swedish Atari demo crew who is well known for their great music programs for the Atari Falcon.

Other great Atari sites

ST-Computer http://www.st-computer.net

The ST-Computer is the last printed Atari magazine. This website is the best and most frequently updated news-site about Atari. You can also find links to the most of the other important Atari-websites there.

Atari.org http://www.atari.org

Biggest Atari resource on the net. Atari.org supports us a lot by hosting this website and helping us with technical problems. They are also a sponsor of the Error In Line #3 convention.

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