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2004-05-19 03:00:56 Demo Maniac

Grapevine the popular demo mag from LSD, has been brought back. You can find it here http://gv.caub.net

2004-04-21 11:55:03 lotek style / tscc

where are the missing entries? :)

2003-12-10 18:45:02

2003-10-14 00:51:01 bear

I had a great ST demo by Lem %26 Nic from Next called "Rip Dis" in '92. But that disk is gone and I can't find the demo anywhere on the net! Do you have it? Write to:


2003-09-12 02:42:48 Gaston

Yes, from Stoneage and Skid Row Demo ;)


2003-08-11 12:42:08 earx

black monolith team? from stoneage for instance?

defjam: yeah! have to get that skid row demo =)

2003-08-05 01:22:49 Defjam

BMT - wasn't that a quite talented Atari ST group from the past?

Gaston, yes I've read the name somewhere already. "Skid Row" demo ??

2003-07-21 21:07:26 Gaston of BMT

Can anybody remember me? No? Anyway, good job, although I have not seen your demos yet!

Yours, Gaston


2003-07-16 13:52:12 evil


not strange at all, just compare the results with the releases and you'll notice several demos, mods, pics missing..

-- Anders Eriksson ae@dhs.nu

2003-07-16 11:06:30 earx


that is strange. can you tell the names of the mods/pics?

btw: there are continuous rumours about the final versions of the dune demo. can't wait :)))

2003-07-05 21:07:58 lotek style


ok.. maybe its strange that me of all people is asking (i know our demo is not out yet) but whats up with the "non-demo"-stuff.. there is still some stuff missing... 2 16 col pics... one truecol pic... some mods...

2003-06-27 16:38:18 Norman

I just removed that spam-crap.

2003-06-11 12:27:50 earx

please help me, i'm a corporate slave and am mistreated everyday by my cruel bosses. my pet cat died when i was 11.

i am ritch, but my bosses want to steal all my money. so all you have to do is give me your account number to steal all your mo.. ehhmm, i mean so that i can transfer all my money to you where it is safe. ofcourse you'll get a percentage when i've robbed your account.


oboema cecetoku

2003-06-10 16:49:37 lotek style

shit. is this SPAM? in a bulletin board?

2003-05-15 20:43:24 Norman

Earx and Baggio: Thanks for your nice comments :-)

2003-05-11 20:38:19 earx

yep _ is a cool little demo!

2003-05-10 00:11:07 baggio
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