Welcome to the official website of the Error In Line #3 coding convention.

The Error In Line #3 follows the long tradition of the Atari scene to held a coding convention at the easter weekend. It is focused on alternative computer systems such as Atari or Acorn. We expect about 100 people from all over europe. The past editions of the Error In Line parties were visited by people from Finnland, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, France and Germany. Thanks to the great engagement of those people these alternative computer platforms survived until now.

The Error In Line convention is a great chance to cultivate friendships, exchanging experiences or to coordinate common projects. The highlight of the convention is its competions. Here the competitors can show their skills, present new projects and - of course - have a lot of fun.

For detailed information about this event please read the Invitation section of this website.

We hope to see you in Dresden next Easter - feeling the heartbeat of the Atari scene.


A lot of thanks to the following people or institutions for their support:

  • Atari.org that hosts this website for free
  • Dead Hackers Society for their invitation intro

The Error In Line #3 coding convention is organised in cooperation with the Studentenwerk Dresden. Big thanks to Rainer Freckmann and Hannelore Webel for their great support! Without them we had no location for our event.



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